What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need it?

Responsive Design

Based on studies, almost half of the people all over the world browse the website through their mobile phones, and if your website can’t be seen properly on mobile devices then you are doomed to fail.

Websites that can be seen properly both on desktop and mobile is built using responsive design. What is responsive design? A responsive website adapts its layout to the device being used, making it especially useful for mobile browsing. It has key components such as:

  • Texts should be readable even without zooming it
  • No horizontal scrolling
  • Enough space for tapping buttons

If given these components, your lawyer website fails to perform even one of those, which means that your website is not responsive. You need to upgrade your site so that customers will not lose interest and will stay and engage in your site.

5 Benefits of Having a Responsive Lawyer Website

  1. Ensures that the user experience is seamless – One of the most significant advantages of having a responsive website is the ability to customize it to the user’s preferences. Unresponsive websites alter the appearance of your website on mobile and tablet devices. Texts become jumbled, pictures ruined, in short, users will have a hard time navigating your site. Instead of staying with you, they will go and find another website that is easy to understand and navigate.
  2. Easily Adjusts To Any Screen Dimension-Another advantage of having a fantastic, flexible website that is compatible with all devices is that it adapts to any screen size.
  3. It saves time and effort – Optimizing for the web entails creating separate websites for various devices and routing users to the proper page. Responsive web design requires only one round of online content and design.
  4. Higher conversion rates –  Since a lot of users are now on mobile, sales closing is also done via mobile. If your website is not attracting customers, let alone closing sales, then you need to revamp it and make it responsive.
  5. Better SEO and higher rankings – Since a responsive version would only require one round of keywords, links, etc, there is no need to do another link or website for that since they are seamless.


Responsive website has more benefits than disadvantages. If you need to upgrade your lawyer website, we can definitely help you. If you don’t have a website but wants to own one, our lawyer website templates are the best one for you. There are not only great designs to choose from, but also they are responsive as well. Contact us to know more.