Top 30 Best Family Law Website Designs


Website Design Template

As lawyers, having a website is not only a sign of personal branding and marketing but also a sign of integrity and professionalism. How do you determine what things are needed in the creation of your website?  You need to sit with your website developer and exchange ideas with him/her. Your website is your digital partner in letting the world know that you exist and that you are ready to help your clients find justice and peace of mind. 

For some inspiration, check out these family law websites and take note of some ideas that you can apply to your own website.

  1. YLAW Group

       The design is out-of-the-box using unique pictures and slogan selections. The website is small without sacrificing quality.

Ylaw Group Website Photo

2. Mc Kinley Irvin Family Law

      The design is simple and very informative. A short slide show makes the website more interesting. The colors                chosen are warm to the eye, which makes one stay longer on the site.

Mc Kinley Law Website

3. Morris – Sickle

    The site is instantly brought to life by the vibrant modern colors. The contrast between buttons is obvious and               easy  to spot. The bold, bright phone number on a sticky banner, together with the words “free divorce advice,”            draws attention.

Morris - Sockle Website

4. Lincoln Law Firm

The taglines on this family law website are excellent, and the images are just right to spark curiosity. The contact form is well-designed and easy to navigate.

Lincoln Law Firm

5.Heymann and Fletcher

Even if the design is minimalist, it has the necessary information that  a visitor needs in order to get more information about the site. Blue and white is a good contrast and shows strength and integrity. 

HF Law Frim Web Page

6. GoransonBain Ausley

The teal color placed on the khaki colored site makes it stand out more. Pictures with children gives us a sense of family and warmth. Easy to read and navigate. 

GoransonBain Ausley Webiste

7. Charles Willmott

Why it w: A fresh, clean design with a soothing blue tone adds an added layer of relaxation. A clear phone number can be found at the top of the page. The badges and testimonials serve as proof of achievement and quality customer support.

Charles Willmott Website

8. Bouhan Fallignat

This law firm’s website stands out due to its unique design and stunning graphics and animations. The colors contrast well, making the text simple to read.

Bouhan Falligant Website

9. Dean and Fulkerson

The website is easy to navigate. The site features excellent photography throughout, especially on the home page. Above the fold, a direct display of honors instills trust.

Dean and Fulkerson Website

10. Vogel Vergee

With vivid graphics and large bold writing, this is a really bold design. The no-scroll design is a powerful statement of their dominance in the industry.

Vogel Vergee Website

11. Kraayeveld

Crisp and clear photos, clear language, and an intuitive layout are just a few of our favorite aspects of this website design.

Kraayeveld Website

12. Randal Lowry

This website design, which emphasizes the word “tough,” offers a fresh new look to the typical law firm website appearance. Graphics and colors complement real well with each other.

Randal Lowry Website

13. Helmer Legal

The colors chosen are striking ang attracts attention. The pop-up form makes it easier for clients to set an appointment immediately. 

Helmer Legal Website

14. Rossway Swan

The design is simple but effective. The graphics are likewise kept to a bare minimum without sacrificing the message. The practice areas page is really well-organized and detailed.

Rossway Swan Website

15. Stanchieri Family Law

The style of this family law website is high-contrast, which attracts more attention. The site is simple and well-designed, with only a few pages of material.

Stanchieri Website

16. Seastrom Law

The website design looks very professional and elegant. The choice of gold and black shows a good contrast and also the pictures are crisp and neat. The badge also indicated that this firm is great and can really help clients with their concerns. 

Seastrom Law Website

17. Parker and Parker 

The tagline of this website is catchy and relieving. The background photo is also consistent with showing clients that they can relax and be heard.

Parker and Parker Website

18. Arami Law

This website has a very simple look, yet it organizes its content and pictures really well. Top-of-the-page phone number that is easy to remember. To get to the contact form, you don’t have to go very far.

Arami Law Website

19. Denver Family Lawyers

The outstanding hero section sets the company’s website out from the competitors. The website is wonderful since it has a lovely design with just the right amount of photos and animations.

Denver Family Lawyer Website

20. Melanie J. Bowbell

A great modern twist on a family lawyer’s website. The contact information is clearly visible, and the contact form is thorough.

Melanie Bowbell Website

21. Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC

The site is clean and organized, with the heading or tagline clearly read from afar. The nice thing about this site is that the badges attached to it pertains to the lawyers of the firm. 

Miles Mason Website

22. The Family Law Firm

Branding is really strong. The hero image is incredibly relevant, with well-placed buttons and CTAs around the page.

The Family Law Firm Website

23. FMBK

The header is catchy, and their brand is clearly emphasized. The parallax scrolling effect is both distinctive and practical. For a pleasant contrast, black-and-white images are used with colorful profile pictures.

FMBK Website

 24. Myres and Associates

The burgundy button pops out against the bright green header. There is a lot of information available, yet it is presented in a non-obtrusive manner.

Myres and Associates Website

25.  Mandel Law Firm

The rolling news update is a fun way to keep visitors on your site updated. The ability to chat in real time is a great feature and  there is a section on practice areas that is well-explained. Having video testimonials is a great advantage!

The Mandel Law Firm Website

 26. Cynthia Tracy

This design is classic due to the delicate use of pattern and color. It features a unique appearance, with vibrant visuals and easy-to-use controls. The site’s use of a distinct “old paper” feel in various locations creates a memorable experience for visitors.

Cynthia Tracy Website

 27. Bishop Law Office

Visitors get a powerful initial impression from high-quality photographs, especially in the hero area. The testimonials section, in particular, looked modern and elegant.

Bishop Law Office Website

 28. Berenji and Associates

The website looks friendly and accommodating. The home page is easy to navigate, readable, and has a CTA button that is noticeable immediately. The contact number is readily available to easily call the firm for an appointment. 

Berenji and Associates Website

29.  Heather Robertson Law

This site is a breath of fresh air when compared to traditional or common family law website designs. While keeping an authoritative approach, the general vibe of the design is incredibly energetic, friendly, and delightful.

Heather Robertson Law Website

30. Romanovska Law

The website’s colors were soothing and light without looking dull. This family law website made the most of their accomplishments and affiliations.

Romanovska Law Website