The Latest Web Design Trends We Love


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In a few days now, 2021 will end, and a new year will come. Trends will come and go, and it is nice to be updated most especially when it comes to technology since it changes rapidly.  If you already have a website, and it is time for you to update it, this article will be really helpful. If you just have a newly built site,  then most often than not the theme used for your site is somewhat up to trend.  First time to create a site? These trends will give you an idea of what’s the best theme for you and will make your website stand out from the rest.

 Latest Web Design Trends to Watch For

1. Monochromatic Design Trends

Monochromatic website design is a style that has recently gained attention, and we predict that it will continue beyond 2022. Colored elements capture the user’s attention in this style, which gives it a clean, straightforward appearance. If your company focuses on generating engagement with a strong call to action, this design can be very effective.


2. Gradient Color Schemes

Gradients are becoming increasingly popular among creatives looking for new website design ideas. ColorSpace has established a website with gradient designs that also works as a tool for producing gradients and color palettes, making it simple to build your own unique design. Among other 2022 website design trends, we expect to see more gradients incorporated into new website designs in the coming year.


3. Engaging Interactive

We’ve seen websites take animation demonstrations to modern technological heights over the years. While these have primarily been around in the past, we expect more designers utilize large-scale animated interactions in 2022. These interactions  encourage more active engagements with the page, such as clicking, swiping, and dragging, etc.

Engaging interactive

4. Handmade Design

Technology has created the way for some remarkable efforts in web design. However, relying on digital tools can make it all too easy to lose sight of the feeling of personality that comes with imperfect, handcrafted art. As a result, we anticipate a rise in DIY graphics in 2022, resulting in more relatable interfaces.


5. Cartoon Characters in Web Design

In 2022, illustrated characters will continue to be a popular theme for homepage designs. Characters that are unique to your site design provide flexibility through careful placement and positioning, resulting in a memorable experience. Who doesn’t enjoy a good cartoon character?

Finally, because clean graphics load faster than photos, this design can help with page load times.

Cartoon Character

6. Detailed Footer in Web Design

Until now, website footers have been frequently disregarded or left out of the overall web design. ‘Footer boosts,’ a popular web design trend, have evolved from a space to provide contact information or a signup form to a space to include additional aspects of the site. Footers can be helpful for viewers if they want to look for something immediately in your site.