The Latest Web Design Trends We Hate (Don’t Do This to Your Lawyer Website)


Website Hate

Trends come and go, and they can leave a lasting good or bad impression. The previous article talks about the trends that we love and for this one, the trends that we hate.

5 Web Design Trends We Hate

1. Too much use of fonts

Using font as a design element has been a long-standing trend for websites providing any kind of service; each website has its own set of fonts to save time when writing texts. Excessive usage of fonts, on the other hand, makes the site more disorganized, complex, and difficult to read. It’s good to add fonts, but overdoing it can limit your options. This can disrupt the performance and aesthetic value of the website.


2. Improper use of animations

Animations are thought to be the most vital strategy for any website.  They add elegance to your site and increase customer attraction. They aid in the movement and the creative growth of your website. However, excessive use of it is not acceptable, and animations can occasionally be a problem for your website. They can be confusing to users for example when the user is probably tired of reading long texts and comes to your website to find what he needs, and the site has unnecessary animations. As a result,  the user will just opt out of the site and just choose another site to check on his needed information.


3. Uneven use of pop-ups

Pop-ups are the most despised aspect of any website. Despite the fact that Google has devised and implemented numerous strategies to avoid pop-ups, they continue to appear in your view. It would be nice to create a website that does not contain pop-ups and improve customer experience on your site.


4. Background Music

Some web designers want to engage their viewers’ senses, so they include music to help build a connection. If you’re thinking about it, there are two things that need to be considered: 1) some of your viewers have their sound muted and will thus miss out on the music and 2) those who do have the sound on are probably listening to something else or looking for something specific. Not to mention the potential issues with licensing.  user experience, site loading speed, and so on. In summary: If you’re not a radio station, music or sounds company, or a  DJ company, don’t put background music.

Background music

5. Stock Photos

If you need photographs for your site, try to create them yourself. If this isn’t a possibility, be picky about your stock photography. Use your discerning eye to decide whether adding the image would improve the design of your site or make it look bad.

Stock Photography

What’s trendy in web design changes with the times, just like any other trend. What’s popular right now may soon be replaced with glittering mouse pointers and site visitor counters. Incorporating current trends can make your site look new and relevant if you have a strong development and design team, just like here at Law Site Express. Just keep in mind that trends have a finite lifespan, and be ready to make a shift when the time comes. If you need assistance in revamping or redesigning your site, or update your lawyer website templat design,  just contact us, and we will be glad to do address your concern.