Lawyer Website Template Tip: Domain Names

We get asked the same questions over-and-over regarding where to purchase domain names and does it matter if you get a .com, .net or some other domain extension. This post will explain it all in very easy to understand language.

.com domainWhere is the best place to purchase a website domain name for my lawyer website template? is my favorite place to purchase a domain name. They have great customer service and their prices are really good. You can do a search on their website to find the domain name that fits you the best.


How much should I budget for when purchasing a domain name?

cost of domainThe cost of a regular domain name is about $12 per year. You can get discounts if you purchase more than one year. I had a client pay 1 million dollars for a domain name, paid out over 10 years. The domain name had a lot of traffic to it already which basically paid for the cost in 2 years.

Some law firms will pay extra to get a domain that is customized to their firm but someone already owns it. GoDaddy can help you purchase a domain that is already owned or you can use as well.


Is an old domain name better than a new one?

old or new domainIn most cases, yes. Having a law website domain name that is “seasoned” is better than having a brand-new domain, especially if you are going to have emails attached to that domain. ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) keep track of domains for age and level of activity. If you have the choice, purchase a domain that is over 2-3 years old.

GoDaddy and Sedo are places that help you purchase seasoned domain names. Simply start a search for a domain you would like and they will tell you if it is for sale or not. If it is, they help broker the deal for you.


Should I get more than one domain name?

more than one domain?For most law firms, no. Having one domain is plenty. Some firms want to have a different domain for each geographic area they service or each practice area. Rarely is this wise to do. It is best to keep all of your content and domain in one place.


What if I changed the name of the company and want to change the domain name, is that hard?

change domain nameIt is not hard to do. If your old website has good ranking, then you will want to perform what is called a “301 redirect” on each page that has good ranking. Basically, this just informs the search engines where the new page can be found.

If you don’t have ranking on that domain name then you can simply do a website redirect. This will automatically forward all your legal website traffic from your old domain name to your new one.


What extension is best to have for a law firm?

The best extension for a law firm is .com – hands down. It is the most well-known and is the default for most attorney’s websites.

Does the actual domain name matter?

I instruct my client that the shorter the domain name the better. If the domain can have the name of the city you service that is even better. Most won’t remember the name of your firm but they will remember the town they live in.

Following these tips will ensure your law firm website template will be easy to find and easy to remember.

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