How to Choose the Perfect Images for your Website

Choosing images online


They say that having good visuals will surely catch attention. Being presentable and pleasing to the eye attracts people and can create a lasting impression. The same thing is applicable to your website. Having great and catchy images, design and content will draw people to your site and check out what it offers.

Images add life and vibrancy to the website. It can also make it dull and lifeless. Selecting great images to place on your site is as important as the content it has. We have collated some tips on how to choose images that are best to put on your site.

  1. Use high-quality images –  The higher the pixel and resolution, the better the images will be. The images should always look good both on the desktop and mobile devices. There are lots of high-resolution image providers, and some ask for fees, others are free.  For free pictures, it is best to also provide proper attribution to the photographers. Below is an example of a high-resolution image from Unsplash.  High resolution Image
  2.  Include real photos of people within the company  – Though stock images are the go-to source of professional pictures, it would be best to include company photos, activities, feature employees and staff, management, etc. Bottom line is, let people know that your company or firm is real, and it exists.
  3.  Focus on branding – You need to show people the service you are offering. Your key for establishing a brand identity is imagery.
  4. Optimize for SEO –  Images also have the power to boost SEO rankings.  Use proper naming for the images so that they can be easily indexed by search engines.
  5. Use the right image type – PNG or JPG?  It depends on the purpose. But normally for website pics, JPG files are widely used because they can handle colors even in a smaller file size which makes loading faster. PNG on the other hand is widely used for graphics such as for infographics, logos, etc.

There are still other considerations when choosing the perfect images for your website.  Images are just one aspect of the website to make it more pleasing to visitors and will want them to stay, engage and come back.  You also need to consider the content and user-friendliness of the site to make it more appealing to visitors and would-be clients.