How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

Website Redesign


Being updated is a positive factor in terms of business or personal services.  Clients always want something new, new items, new articles, new promos, and a new look.  If you are not updated, clients might lose interest and might give them an idea that you are not aware of the latest trends.

Redesigning your website is a tedious task, but the results are better. It’s a chance to refresh your brand’s reputation and provide something visually appealing to your existing and potential clients. So what is the frequency with which you should revamp your website, and why should you do so?

There is no single rule for that, but businesses usually redesign their website every 2 to 3 years. What is pleasing today might not be aesthetically ok after two or three years.

We listed some reasons why a redesign is necessary and see if your website needs one.

Why Redesign?

1. Your Website is not mobile-friendly.

Mobile Friendly

We have reached an era where major internet searches are done via mobile. Google prefers mobile-friendly websites, and it also leads to increased searches, leads, and reach.

2.  The website conversion is low.

Bounce rate

Do visitors come to your website and then exit without doing anything? Do you have a high bounce rate on your website? Is it true that users aren’t spending much time on your pages?

This means you can be easily found online, but you’re not providing them with what they want.

3. Your website is outdated.

Outdated Website

It’s critical to keep your company’s website up to date and the information current. People are quick to assume that you’re either out of business or don’t care about your online presence.

They will most likely look for another company to engage business with.

4. Because of new goals and objectives.

Goals and Objectives

In one year, your company can change dramatically. Frequently, those modifications are not reflected on your website. Perhaps your company has gone through some personnel changes that aren’t visible on your website. Maybe you’ve made some changes to the items or services you provide. Perhaps you’re expanding your services or attempting to streamline your system.  You might be thinking of other ways on how to increase leads and sales through your website such as doing email marketing or putting an e-commerce site.   Your website should provide your consumers with a complete image of your company, not simply a summary.

Another way to determine whether you need a redesign is to check the metrics of how people are responding and see what you can learn from them.

5. Your website can’t be found.

Looking for

There are several nice-looking sites developed by excellent web designers who didn’t understand the basics of SEO (SEO). The site is beautiful, yet no one sees it because it does not appear in Google’s search results. So, yes, a website might appear appealing yet still be ineffective.

Even if you don’t decide to redesign your site, still website maintenance is an ongoing task that needs to be done on the site. As your profession and client base grow, your website should also be updated to reflect the changes.

Another thing is that Google changes and if your website is not optimized to follow that then you might lose a lot of opportunities online.  An example would be the shift of doing web searches, from computers to mobiles.

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