How Long Will it Take to Build My Website?



Website creation timeline depends on the scope of work, the expertise of the developer and the designer, and of course the budget.  Normally, if websites will start from scratch, they would take weeks or months to complete.  There is also the aspect of niche websites, such as lawyer websites, that have specifications and information needed that is only intended for lawyer websites and that adds more time and effort as well.

Steps in Website Creation

1. Planning and Needs Assessment

When you choose to work with a designer, they need to talk about the goals, plans, and objectives of your website. Specifically for lawyer websites, they need to make sure that the information is credible, and the lawyer website looks professional. Usually, this stage would take a week or two.


2. The Design Phase

After agreeing and planning on the specifics of the site, the designers will execute the plan and work on the design. Normally they will prepare mock-ups for you to see so that edits will be placed before working on the approved final design. It is much easier for designers to work on the mock-ups, to save time and effort. This takes within 3 weeks to a month or more.  It would be best if you are proactive and responsive so that questions or issues raised by the designers would be answered immediately.

design phase

3.  The Construction and Development Stage

This the where it all happens. After approving the design of the mock-up, developers will now start to work on your lawyer website, and if it is customized typically it starts from scratch. This takes a big chunk of time because of the intricate details that need to be made on the site. It might take a month or two for this stage. Like the previous stage, it is best for you to be participative so that the construction will be continuous and will not stall because of unanswered questions by you.

website development

4. The Final Review and Test

After all the tests and corrections, the website is now ready to launch. However, it still needs to have a final review to have a last look at all the pages, the texts, images, and the functionalities. At this stage, corrections should only be minimal. This step takes about a week or two.

website launch

These are just the basic stages of website creation. Some developers might have longer stages, some might have shorter ones. But what if you want to have your lawyer website ready immediately? Then it would be best to use a lawyer website template for a fast and convenient way of putting up a website. Here at Law Site Express, we have a lot of lawyer website templates to choose from, making it possible for you to have your website in as fast as 24 hours! Go to our Get Started page and have your website ready in no time. Contact us on how we can help you with your website concerns.