Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites



When you are looking for the perfect website for your profession, but budget is scarce, the best option is to D.I.Y it.  It would be far cheaper compared to hiring a web developer. Creating your own website is an exciting process.  However, doing it yourself can be a risk and be more damaging in the future if mistakes are not mitigated.

The creating process will assist you in honing your messaging, understanding your objectives, and deciding what type of imagery to employ. Before investing in a custom brand and website design, this might be a valuable experience.

However, this is also challenging because creating your own websites is risky and can be prone to a lot of mistakes. If you’re really determined to create your own website, let us help you. We have compiled some common DIY mistakes to avoid.

Common DIY  Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Website is not responsive – Nowadays, people are surfing more on their mobiles compared to desktops. And websites should be viewed perfectly on a desktop, on a tablet, or on mobile. It is recommended that when designing a website, it is better to start with the mobile design then build their website version.
  2. There are no texts on the home page – Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words but in the case of Google and other search engines it is better to put texts so that they would be able to understand the content of your website.
  3. Making a website and not updating it – Search engines and clients need to be always updated with fresh content so that it will still be dynamic and active. Creating one and leaving it is like making your website die little by little. Updating it doesn’t require much time. You can add blogs, post new photos, events, etc. Anything that is relevant to your business or practice can be added to the site.
  4. The contact form has a ton of questions – People visit your site to know more information about what you can offer and not fill out forms, most especially a long contact form. Contact forms with a lot of questions tend to veer the audience away and thus not complete it.  The nice number of queries would be around 3-5 details from the visitor.
  5. No aesthetics incorporated on the site – Putting information, pictures, and backgrounds all are good if done in moderation. Too much of that can make your website look crappy, cheap, and disorganized.  The texts, layout, and pics should sync together and go hand in hand to create a more streamlined, organized, and clean. Aesthetics should be considered since everything is visual and people are attracted to things that are pleasant to see.

Now that you have known some common errors, it is highly advisable to check if it is already made or make a plan if you are still in the thinking stage.  But if you want to free yourself from all the worry, professional help is suggested. If you want competent web designers and developers to help you out, we can definitely be of service! We have a wide range of website templates that not only look great and professional but also are affordable and value for money.  Send us a message via our contact page, and we will keep in touch with you immediately.  If you want to create your website quickly, just go to our Get Started page and try our no-risk services. You’ll have your website in as easy as 1-2-3!