7 Ways to Keep the Website Updated


Having a website is an advantage and maintaining it is another thing.  A website should be dynamic and not static. It should be interesting, informative and can attract people to stay and engage in the site. It should be always fresh, trendy, and up to date.  In the legal profession, rules and policies change from time to time, so it is a must to be aware of these new things and should show them on the website.

Also, Google currently requires that you update your website on a continuous basis, or else your SEO rating may suffer. In fact, if you don’t keep adding new content and mixing things up, Google may perceive your site to be dead, and your search engine results will suffer as a result.

Here are 7 ways on how to keep your website updated:

  1.  Inject fresh content regularly – One way to update the site is by posting articles on the blog site regularly. Articles can be scheduled and posted in advance with the use of a scheduler. In this way, you can have fresh content always without thinking about what to write or post during that same day.Fresh Content Image
  2. Update landing pages to sync with current promotions – When you have regular promotions, they should also reflect on the website.  Don’t forget to change the images, dates, and texts, and when the promotion is up, better to hide it so that there will be no confusion with customers.Promotions Image
  3. Repurpose old content – Old content can be repurposed by updating the information inside it most especially if it is content that has wide engagement and visibility.  You don’t have to change the whole content, just pick up the points where it needs updating, and it will be good to go.Repurpose Content Image
  4. Monitor keyword data –  Check the statistics in your Google Search Console to identify what keywords are bringing people to your site. If your content doesn’t already include the most popular keywords used by your site visitors, it’s time to refresh some of your posts to incorporate those keywords—where they make sense. You can also use those keywords to get a list of prospective new article topics.keyword image
  5.  Open the comments section and participate in the discussion – In this way you are not only building your customer base but also meaningful relationships. Engaging with clients and commenters gives them a sense of human touch and makes you become more credible and an expert especially when it comes to legal matters.Comments Image
  6. Use the power of social media – This is the new effective way of marketing your website and reaching out to customers. Website movement is important in SEO and the more that your website moves or generates traffic, the more that search engines see that it is relevant.  Social media can attract clients to go to your site and explore it. So follow, connect and share as much as you can! Use social media to let the rest of the world know  how fantastic your website is.
  7. Give your site a makeover once in a while – Update the fonts, images, graphics and content once in a while so that clients will know that you are serious in your business. If they see that you are doing a great job in maintaining and improving your site, they will have an idea that you can also do a great job in helping them with their concerns.Website Makeover Image

Updating your website is a vital process in making it attractive to clients. Having fresh inputs on a regular basis increases credibility not only in your legal work but also in search engine SEO metrics.  Being on the first page of the search engine is not easy but updating the site consistently and continuously will surely lead you to that goal.

Looking for ways to update your site? We can help! Just message us through our contact page, and we will be glad to assist.