7 Effective Content Ideas for Law Firm Websites


Content Ideas


So you already have a website, what’s next? Isn’t it the only goal? To create a website and then leave it as is? Wrong.  Creating your own lawyer site is one thing, maintaining and updating it is another.  Your website is an evolving asset. Like social media platforms, it should give updates and provide value to customers and visitors.

7 Content Ideas for Lawyer Websites

1. Videos that provide value and engagement

Videos are the main content when we talk about clickability.  Short, informative, and engaging films are what captures watchers attention and hook them into finishing the film. They provide a visual component to your overall business story and have the ability to connect with your audience and potential clients. It is advisable to keep your videos under 2 minutes and set them in a language that can be understood by many.

Video Shoot

2. Guide, whitepapers, & downloads

Giving out free informational material is a good way to attract new clients and subscribers. The downloads could be additional information to your practice area pages, or guides to specific legal issues such as family law or accident claims, for example.

This will not only help to show your knowledge, but it will also provide viewers and potential clients with another compelling reason to return to your page and stay in touch. Provide a call to action or a form where potential clients can fill out their details in exchange for valuable content.



Visual storytelling is another way of boosting your law firm’s marketing efforts.  Infographics help people understand complex data or info in a more entertaining and simple way. It’s also a great way to set yourself apart from competitors.


4.Q&A pages

As law firm content, question and answer pages are particularly effective.  The ordinary population is unaware of the complexities of the law, which is why they are always conducting research online. You can dedicate an entire page on your website to frequently asked questions, or you can use Q&A postings on your blog to cover certain topics.

Nice to focus your Q&A’s on practice areas, so people can easily find answers on your site.

Q and A

5. Testimonials

User testimonials are one way of showing your credibility and authenticity to others. Clients want to know that they can trust you and your law firm, which is why having personal experience is so valuable.  You can share these stories to your personal website and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Once you have a steady base of subscribers,  they will engage actively on your site. They will be there in every update, most especially if it is for new articles or promotions. Monitoring website activity and being responsive can add points to your credibility and if you respond appropriately, people will see that you are connected, trustwothy and easy to approach. If you’re not available to respond, it’s fine if you need to appoint someone else, such as a paralegal, to reply to criticisms or comments on behalf of the firm. The goal is to ensure that conversations do not go unnoticed.


Your online strategy will be more effective if you use the correct law firm web content, which will increase your exposure, website traffic, and lead generation.  There should be a balance between creativity and strategy to get the best approach for your online initiatives.  Always test and observe what works and what doesn’t. Revamp your strategy until you get the best system that works for you.

This all should start by having a website specifically made for a lawyer or a law firm. Law Site Express  specializes in creating professional websites fit for lawyers like you! Send us a message through our contact page, and we can discuss how we can help you have your professional website done within 24 hours.