5 Features That Will Make Your [Niche] Website Stand Out From The Crowd

Stans Out


Being in the legal profession is considered to be in the niche market.  There are advantages and disadvantages of being in one, but in this article, we will talk about its advantages and how you can stand out from the crowd.

The advantages of being in a niche market are as follows:

Less Competition

– Increase Visibility

– Brand Loyalty

– Higher Profit

– Expertise

There are other more advantages, but these are the major ones that are worth noting.

Now, considering those advantages, let us discuss how your website can stand out from others. Here are the 5 features that will make your website stand out.

1. Make your website mobile-friendly – This should be the priority of every website. Nowadays, a huge percentage of surfing is done via mobile and if the website is not responsive then the user will have a hard time viewing your site.

Mobile Friendly

2. Claim your Google My Business Listing  (GMB) – Having a GMB is already a step further in your marketing efforts. Getting your GMB will also make your business more searchable locally.

Google My Business

3. Use engaging imagery and proper placement –  The proper choice and placement of pictures can make or break your website. The more engaging and authentic, the bigger chance for people to be attracted to your site.

Engaging pics

4. Add video testimonials –  Client testimonials are one of the best valuable content that you can attach to your site. It builds credibility and trust and also makes the website feel unique.

Client Testimonials

5. Produce Quality Content – Your website should not only talk about you and your work as a lawyer but should also be a source of valuable information that people will come back for more or view you as an expert for a                  particular subject.

Quality Content

There is a lot more information on how you can make your website stand out.  Remember, creativity and testing are keys. Apply and test them for yourself. If it doesn’t work, then research what works for you, use your creativity, and test it out.

If you want to ask for professional help in building your site, contact us to discuss our packages. We are glad to help you make your website stand out from the rest.